Visions of Gold has one of Winnipeg’s largest variety of chains and bracelets that are popular pieces of jewelry for both men and women, worn alone or with a beautiful pendant.

There are many different types of gold chains. Some of the most common include:

Rope Chain: As the name implies, a rope chain resembles the style of a rope. This style is often worn with pendants.

Herringbone: Often worn alone, this intricately woven chain lies flat against the wearer's neckline and provides a rich, lustrous appeal.

Fox Chain: A fox chain consists of two gold strands bound together with a braided look.

Box Chain: A chain consisting of small, box shaped links. This type of chain is another popular type to wear with pendant

Singapore Chains: These delicate chains are ideal for women. The appearance is a slightly twisted, delicate rope and is ideal for charms.

Cable Chains: Oval links are alternately linked together for a classic chain appearance.

Curb Chains: A curb chain is made from a series of circular, flattened links.  

Marine Chains: These chains are designed from oval links with a post or bar centered vertically in between each link. The result is a more intricate appearance than standard oval link chains.

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